Monthly Archives: April 2004

The Ultimate Movie Night

In late April, the Fellas came over for a sleep over. Chuck had been bellyachin that the cabin was too rustic and he wanted to be able to hang out with movies, electricity, and….well…..comfort. So we got a date and the boyz came over for some serious movie watching.

For the night we got a 50-FREAKING-INCH-PLASMA! BOO-YA!

He brought it and his Dolby 5.1 surround sound system over. It took a bit of time, but they got it all set up and it was amazing. Chad went out and bought Kill Bill Vol. 1. We watched the first episode of Star Trek, some of the original Godzilla, and Kill Bill.

Besides the movies, we also ordered in Hot Line subs just like old times. Brian brought his pictures of his trip to France, and we had an awesome time. Played poker for a long time. Chuck fell asleep on the leather couch.

The next morning we got up, ate out at Big Boy [breakfast buffet], and then went to the opening of Kill Bill Vol. 2. It was a great weekend to hang out with the fellas, watch movies, and chill. Sam was so excited, he was doing the robot!

Good friends. Good time.

The First Magic Show

In April, Grace and I went on a special Dad/Daughter date night. We met up with Uncle Sammy and Sasa for an evening of magic at the High School auditorium. I really like magic, and Grace was really getting into it, so it was already building up for a great night.

We arrived 45 minutes early to get great seats to see the magic up close. We got front and center. Prime time real estate. Little did we know only about another 50 people would be arriving to pack out the 1000 seat auditorium for the performance. We saved seats for our friends, and they arrived 5 minutes before the show.

The show was pretty hokie, but fun for the both of us. Since Sam is a “recovering carnie”, he knew most of the tricks, but the best part was seeing how amazed Grace was. One of the cool parts of the show was when the magician had us look at a spinning wheel with black and white swirls. After staring at it, we immediately looked at eachothers face. The illusion made it look like our faces were shrinking. She was in awe!

There was also a trick where the magician pushed a glass bottle through a girls chest. Grace was floored by that one. After the show, the magician was cool enough to come down and hang out with the kids. Grace went right up to him and showed him her disappearing quarter trick. He was kind, acted impressed, and did a few other tricks with her quarter. Here’s a pic of her “performing” for the magician.

After the show, the four of us headed to McDonalds for some after magic desert. Uncle Sam taught Savannah and Grace how to “bend a spoon”. They were practicing the whole time we were there. Special night. Special date.