Monthly Archives: May 2004

Pistons Adventure

This past weekend Slick Mick set me up with some major love. The Durochers took Grace for the night, and we went to The Palace to see if we could get into the Eastern Conference Finals between the Pistons and Pacers. Couldn’t get tix online. So, thought we’d try for some scalping action. As you can see, we made it into the game. How’d we do it? Find out tomorrow…

My First Blog

Okay, here we go, kids. Let’s get ready to blog.

Check out my pics on the camera as well as things to look forward too soon.

Like some journals in my paper archive.

Seattle in a bus….

Cabin weekends…..

and more.

Stay tuned, friends. It’s gonna be a wild ride!

oh, can you say luxury box for pistons playoffs?

Mother Daughter Banquet

Mick and Grace went on a very special date. They went to the annual Mother Daughter Banquet at our church. It was a special night. They both got dressed up together, and Micki got Grace a special corsage for the event. They were looking beautiful.

The Jacoby’s did the entertainment, and Mick and Grace sat with friends at their table. It was a special night for them, and a great way for Micki to invest in Grace as they had girl time together. They even got to see some good friends!