Monthly Archives: August 2004


I love my job. Yes, it’s true. And this week, things got even better. Since we moved our office into a house on campus this March/April, I’ve felt like I am living in the blessing. I have my own office, two macs and a PC. We have ammenities in the office like a bathroom on our level in the basement, a dart board which we don’t play as much as we used to, and a great conference room with a 30″ plasma TV. In addition we have a kitchen which is great. Saves $ on fast food, helps us eat healthier, and is generally fun to have. This week, Ann found a gas grill at a yard sale and brought it over. She had already found a plastic patio set at a g-sale earlier in the summer. We had some hamburger patties left over from some event earlier in the summer. So this week we had ourselves a grill out!

What an oppressive work enviornment we have at the UCOM

It was hot and sunny, but Mark fired up the grill and cooked up some burgers. The rest of the staff joined in and we enjoyed some fresh burgers together. We’re truly blessed. Love SAU. Love the UCOM. Fun lunch together.

First Grade Open House

Well it happened. Conversations that Micki and I had 6 years ago. It would be a long time. First learn how to walk. Then talk. [Not a problem there]. Then potty-training. Writing. Reading. Math. Pre-school. Daycare. Kindergarten. And now, first grade. All day. Monday-Friday. No daycare. All school. Friends. A great teacher. A great school. The dreams are a reality now.

After we helped the Clevengers and they helped us, we finished the classrooms and headed home. Monday was Micki’s open house. Tuesday, was the first grade open house for our little G. It was awesome. She has Mrs. Valentine, and we’re privileged. If Mrs. Clevenger was the godmother of Kindergarten, Mrs. Valentine is the godmother of 1st grade. Grace is in a class of around 20 kids. About 15 of them she knows, is friends with, and goes to church with! It’s almost like Sunday School every day!

Grace and Stacy at the open house. Ready for action!

We stayed for a bit because Grace’s friends kept coming in. G was helping the other kids with their orientation, showing them their desks, pencil boxes, and nametags. Our little helper. And we were enjoying hanging out with the other parents. It was a fun time. The first day/first week post is coming soon, so look for it. But if the open house was any indication of how the year is going to go, we are in for a great one.

Hangin’ with the Clevs

Okay, here we are at the Clevengers after a really cool Saturday. No, didn’t get laundry done. Nope, no lawn mowed. House isn’t cleaned. Tasks aren’t done. But we got to spend the day with some of our best friends. Our family. I’m actually at Duane’s computer trying to pimp Blogger so he can bring all of his awesome journaline online. So, no pics. But Duane and I steam cleaned Mick and Donelda’s classroom carpets. The girls have been sewing valances for their windows on the classrooms and they are almost done. We may take some pics and show you the “Big Reveal”. A day full of welcome distrations. Thankful for these kind of days.