Monthly Archives: September 2004


I just finished the tuck in. One of those special nights. No drama. No obstacles to overcome. No issues to handle. Just being together. Awesome. As we got into bed, Grace asked if she could read the Junie B. Jones book we began. I usually am tired and say no. Easier for me to read then her. But tonight I decided to let her try. I said to try a couple of pages and see. She read the whole chapter. It was soooo cool to watch her read. One of those magic moments where you realize your kids is growing up before your eyes. It was amazing. She was plunking away and barely needed any help. I love nights like this. Nights where you feel like you connect with your kid. Special privileges. I’m feeling that privilege right now.

Hitting the Pause Button

Grace is taking a shower and Micki is doing conferences til Thursday. The best part of my day has been the last 2 hours. G and I have been slumming around the house. We reheated some dinner and then snuggled up on our bed to watch cartoons. We’re both loving life. She went over to her friend Milenna’s today, and had make up all over her face. So, she’s washing up. Then we head to the fridge for a snack and back to snuggling. Boy do I love this. I told Grace how much I love to just snuggle. She said, “Dad, I love to snuggle with you too. Just think, we have three more days!” Besides the crazy church night, I think that Thursday will be a repeat of tonight. Snuggle-o-rama.

Lots to do. Gotta edit a video for the Center for Women for their fundraising dinner Friday. IYC stuff just came and that is on the hot burner to get in gear. The house still needs the light for the basement and some little touches we don’t have time for. But as for right now, I’m living in the moment. Enjoying a few moments of snuggliness with my little girl.

Shower is done. Better head back. Sometimes nights like these are just what the doctor ordered.

Family Reunion 2004

Well, I am finally uploading all of the pictures of the reunion right now. It’s been really busy, and I have finally made some time to re-cap.

First off was the road trip. It went well because, well, we had a TV in the car to cut down on the jibber-jabber. Plus we had the iPod so Mick and I could listen to a custom PA Roadtrip mix. Nice. Of course we had to stop at Friendly’s in Maumee, which took over 30 minutes, but was worth it for the ladies. They got their ice cream fix.

When we got to Mom and Dad’s new house in New Castle it was late. We said hello, unpacked, and got G settled in for sleeping time. Mercedes was sleeping there, so Grace quietly went in and slept. We got the lowdown on the house, church, and updates on everything going on with Mom and Dad.

The next day we got a chance to do some shopping after a great breakfast from Mimi. She and Grace went out to Mom’s shop that she works at, the “Get ‘N Go” for some Krispy Kremes! That and some brunchie mixed with homemade muffins. Nice. Makes me hungry just thinking about it. We also got a chance to have lunch with Katherine and David. Great time hanging out with them. It’s an exciting time in their lives with their new house and Katherine going back to school. We even got a chance to see their house. SCARY! It is on the verge of being condemned. The beautiful part is that they own it free and clear. So they’re trying to decide if they should sell it, re-build, or fix it. Important decisions to make. But a great problem to have. Equity.

As we prepped for the reunion, we had fun hanging out. Finishing out cooking, last minute cleaning, and of course, mocking Mimi. She decided to “save money” by purchasing an air bed at a garage sale for $20. They sell new for $30. As she brought it home to blow up she noticed that it was FULL OF HOLES! So, Dad went and spend $10 on a repair kit that didn’t work. How did that savings plan go?

We also enjoyed time hanging out on their new back deck. It’s a nice view, nice spot, and good conversation. When Sunday came we got to go to worship at Dad’s new church. Well, new to us. It was a nice worship service. Dad talked about conflict, good and bad, and how to resolve it. Nice to meet some of the people there. They seemed cool.

We then headed out from church to the reunion. Calvin called and said he and Tina were gonna come and bring baby Christian with them. We were excited. So, the final group wound up being Aunt Linda and Uncle Dan, Brian, Liz, Jake, and Ally, Cal, Tina, Christian, Katherine, David, Mercedes, Allison, Mom, Dad, Mick, Grace, and I. Great time. We grilled out, hung out, and…well, that is about it. Jake took a ton of pics for me, and the girls ran wild. We mostly just talked about and hung out with Christian. He’s a cutie.

We actually had to leave as people left the reunion, but it was time well spent. It is always good to spend time together as a family. I’ve uploaded the entire batch of images, including the montage that Jake took to Ofoto. Go to album. You can see all the pics and even order prints if you want them. Thanks for a great time!