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Yes, It’s Still Our Site

Re-design. A term that we Web people embrace and fear. You build something. Then you re-invent it. Six months later, you re-invent again. Well, the look of this site, while cool and crispy, has undergone a change. I’ve been in the lime green zone for a spell, and with spring on the way, a great summer ahead, and with the amount of posting I’ve been doing lately, I figured we needed to spruce things up. So, let me know what you think.

Also, I check the stats for the site every once in awhile, and we’re getting lots of hits. Make it a point to post comments. Get dialogue flowing. Make this blog an interactive one. So, let me know what you think of the re-design, and start posting. It means a lot to see comments from time to time as I invest in bringing you the story of our lives. For better or for worse. Enjoy the story about U2, and look for Grace’s spring concert (complete with video of her playing at Western High School), and G’s Basketball League Awards Ceremony. I’ll try to get to those as well as maybe a pic of two of Chuck’s new house. I think I’m headed over there tomorrow to do some massive drywalling. The fun doesn’t end! Enjoy the stories and pics. Share them with friends. Pass along the site to whomever you feel would enjoy it. And post comments early and often. Enjoy!

U2: We’re Going

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U2 is probably one of my favorite bands if not my favorite. I fell in love with “The Joshua Tree” in high school/college, and then continued my casual interest as the band released the next few albums.

But it wasn’t until “All You Can’t Leave Behind” came out that I rekindled my love for U2. Wasn’t a fan of Zooropa or Pop. Love the raw rock sound of the band. So I fell in love with “All You Can’t Leave Behind”. The tour for the album was about three years ago. A lifetime ago, really. And we didn’t have the money to make it. Sam and I told each other that if U2 put out another album and toured, we would do whatever it took to go.

Fast-forward three years. “Live in Boston” is a DVD mainstay for live recordings. And “How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb” is released. WOW. We wait online for dates and tickets. The come up online. Sold out in minutes/hours. Sadness.

So, we went to an online ticket broker service and found six tickets. Two weeks ago we bought them. Chicago. United Center. All that was left was behind the stage. May 7. We are fired up and excited. Durochers, Strodtbecks, and Archers. Taking the train in Saturday morning, shopping, eating, going to the show, partying after, and staying in Chi-town for a late sleep in on Sunday and return trip.

It’s gonna be awesome. Joel forwarded me an e-mail from the San Diego Times that had the review. Their first US show kicking off their tour was last night. And in around five weeks, we’ll get to witness one of the greatest rock bands of all time. We’ll be able to say we saw U2. The countdown is on.

Sherry Owens

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This past weekend was full of activity. But is that different from any other weekend, day, hour, or moment in our family?

Micki has strep throat. She had it really bad last week. Stinkin’ kids at school… She went to the doctor and got some antibiotics to help. Thursday. So, Friday she laid low while Grace played with friends and I worked on the basment. We had officially booked our high-end babysitter/friend/co-worker/fellow U2 efficionado Sherry to come Friday night. Micki sick. Sherry coming. Micki sick. Should stay home.

But we didn’t. We hadn’t been out on a date for awhile and just wanted to hang out together. So we went low key and did Don Pablos in BC, then jetted over to the mall. Sherry was having some friends over after she tucked in G. So, being the lame old people we are, we called to make sure WE were staying out late enough for Sherry to have fun at the Shimmy Shack [our house]. We sheepishly arrived around 9:30. EARLY. But no biggie. Sherry’s friends came over anyway and had fun soaking in the tubby-tub. Hope they’ll make a habit out of it. Something built into our DNA: “Share what you have. It’s not yours anyway.”

So, before Sherry [AKA: "Sher-Bear", no, really, I'm serious. Grace free-styled that nickname] tucked in Grace, she tried out a cool new feature of her blog. She had Grace read the bed time story into her cell phone and it automatically posted on her blog site. So cool. Just like Sherry.

So, if you’re having a hard time sleeping and need a good bed time story, shimmy on over to Sherry’s Blog and hear Grace “virtually” tuck you into bed.

Thanks Sherry! U da Bombdiggety!