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Five People You Meet In Heaven

Father’s Day is always a hard day for me. First off, it’s one of those “Hallmark Holidays”, and second..well, it’s a hard day. But Micki and Grace forturnately didn’t make a whole big deal. Grace was excited to give me a project she had worked on in school. She was really excited. And she and Micki gave me a new shirt and a book. We all snuggled in bed and went through the project Grace made. Then headed for church. I had looked at this book a few months ago and mentioned I may want to read it.
Mind you, I’m not much of a book reader these days…months…years. But I was excited to read it. You know how there are people who take a week to read an 800-page book? I’m not one of them. But miraculously I took a week to read this 200-page gem.
I’d recommend anyone to read this book. It reads quick and has depth. I love how Mitch Albom creates his version of heaven, and how the main character, Eddie, goes through a transformaton, a purging, and comes through at the end. The way the book is written is cool too. It’s very segmented with quick chapters and flasbacks, so it makes it feel like it’s moving quicker. Great book. And great reading instead of zoning out in front of the TV or computer stuff.

Pool Boy

Pool Boy
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Max celebrated his third birthday yesterday and boy was it fun. Micki and Grace were prepping the Shimmy Shack for the action. Sam and Julie came over early to bring the stuff, and it was a great time.

Sam got an old drink mixer/container from a resteraunt going under. He brought that with two different colors of punch. The Finding Nemo party was color coordinated with blue and orange punch, and lots of other fun stuff. Sam also got an old fashioned hot dog steamer for some high-end dogs.

Friends came and kids swam. We ate and had lots of fun. Then we opened presents on top of the hot tub. Max got the hook up. Lots of superhero stuff. And, of course, Finding Nemo stuff. Julie made a special towel for each of the kids. From Scratch! Now that’s high-end.

We had cake and ice cream. By that time, the kids were melting down and everyone started to head home. It was cold. About 65 degrees. Not what we had hoped for. But it didn’t rain and everyone seemed to have a great time. Especialy the birthday boy. And that’s what it’s all about.

Check out a small of the party for some more fun.

Batman Begins

Batman Begins
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Yesterday afternoon was dragging. I have a ton of things to do. Lots of work. And lots going on. Our summer is pretty maxed out already. And I was starting to feel the effects of grinding out the summer. Needed some oasis. And boy did I get it.

Yesterday was the first official day of summer for Micki. She had to work Mon-Wed, so she was excited for yesterday. She took Grace with the neighbors kids and moms and they all went to Cascades Park to play. It was chilly yesterday. Then a surprise! Rachel Kono called to see if Grace could spend the night. So, Micki called and said G was off to Konos for the night. A night I had already earmarked for working ’til 1 or 2 on some projects.

But, you know how you kind of get when you’re just working, working, working, with no end in site? Need an oasis sometimes. I told Micki I wasn’t gonna work on anything. Wanted to go on a date night with her. No work. All play. And we did! We went to KFC (romantic, eh?) for dinner and then saw Batman Begins. The best Batman movie by far. Then we headed home, turned on the Pistons game, played Triominoes, and headed for bed…to watch the game of course…

It was a great night. Looking away from all responsabilities and urgencies. And looking to each other. Enjoying some moments together. Focusing on something other than a task. It was great. I know I’ve got lots to do this weekend. Lots of work. Maximus’s birthday party is tonight with around 40 people coming and temps topping around 68. Pool will be iffy. Video to finish up for a client. Bills to do. Yada yada. But you know, I think it’s gonna be through a different lens than if I hadn’t pushed it all aside to have fun. With my best friend.