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Grace & The White Witch

This past week was awesome. A little earlier Katie Grove from stopped by my office and asked if we wanted some free tickets to see Chonicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. We were already committed to seeing the movie with the Moore-Jumonville’s, so I mentioned that to her and she came through with six tickets! We all went together last Thursday and had an amazing time. The SAU radio staff were all dressed up as the characters, they were handing out freebies, and it was a really festive atmosphere.

Earlier in the week Grace and I were Christmas shopping and were looking at some books. Grace spotted an illustrated version of “Wardrobe”. She didn’t ask for the book, but showed me that she really wanted to save up for it after Christmas. Fast forward to the movie. They were giving away a bunch of Narnia merch, and this book was one of them. Before the movie started, Katie, a.k.a. the White Witch, came into the theater and started giving away books. Grace asked if she could go ask for one. By the time she got to Katie, she was empty. But she told Grace she may have extras after. Within five minutes, she brought back one for Grace. She was elated!

After the movie, Grace really wanted to have her picture taken with the witch. When we came out, and asked to get our picture taken, Katie, who didn’t know who Grace was yet, asked the question, “Which one of you is Grace?” Gracie’s eyes lit up. She said, “I am.” Then Katie asked, “Could I get my picture taken with you?” As you can tell from the picture, Grace was on cloud nine. She got to see Narnia with friends, got a book she really wanted to buy, and the White Witch asked her to get a picture with her. It was a great night and the folks really helped make it extra special.

Lovin’ The Hood

The Kids
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A few days ago we all got together to hang out at Kulagas for a neighborhood hang night. It was pretty cool. We all brought some desserts and just hung out. The kids played and watched a movie while the adults simply chatted and enjoyed simple time together. Even though the Shimmy Shack hasn’t really lived up to its expectations, the neighborhood has exceeded them. And the Kulagas and Chilcotes are the biggest reasons why.