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WWDC: Day Three

On the Trolley
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Yesterday was an okay day. I made some connections with some folks, got an initial tease on podcasting with a product called Podcast Producer. Nice. I left after a session on blogging and administration for Leopard Server to take some free time. I wanted to go back to my room to do some reading. I wound up finding the San Francisco trolley and took a ride up to Fisherman’s Wharf. Thought it would be fun. It was. Kindof.

Fun ride. It was hazy so I couldn’t see the bridge too clearly. Took some pics. Then looked for a cool place to eat that wasn’t $40/plate. Found a blues bar called Lou’s. Anticlimactic. It’s cool to be here. Love having some alone time. Learning TONS. But sometimes there are times when having someone to share experiences with are better than being alone. That was one of those times. Walked back a few miles to the hotel. Nice walk. Then studied up for a few more hours on everything I could on iTunes U. Got ready for Thursday. The big day.

WWDC: Day Two

Leopard Experiment Gone Bad
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I loaded up Leopard and it totally hosed my Macbook. Without getting into the nitty gritty, it had to to with Active Directory and the fact that I was logged in as myself. It has been extremely frustrating. But I have it back up to about 75% and can get the rest of the way when I get home.

Sessions today were okay. Many things really over my head and too fast. I got access to the ADC members area so I can have the video after the event as well as sample code and Keynote Presentations. I told Micki that it would be similar to her going to an education conference for PhD’s only. That’s how I feel from time to time. Trying to keep perspective.

So Sam gave me some great advice today. Chill out. It’s a computer that can be fixed. It’s a conference you go to and soak up what you can. Have some fun. So i went to a Giants game today. It was awesome. Got a ticket in the 3rd row of the bleachers. Giants won too. I walked the entire way. And also saw the Golden Gate Bridge and the Pacific Ocean for the first time today. Really nice.

Well, headed to bed. Going to try and get up early to read my new Renovare’ Bible and get started off the right way. Then there’s an iTunes U lab at 9. So, better get some sleep. More tomorrow.

WWDC: Day One

Moscone Convention Center
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It’s late and I’m pretty tired. Been working on preparing for tomorrow. In bed at midnight, up at 2:30 to get to security by 4. AM. Made it out via Chicago to San Francisco. Cool today. Mid 60s. Made it in around 1PM PST. Nice. Worn out. Took a nap. The hotel I’m staying at is a boutique. Nice. But in a really bad neighborhood. Literally not good to be out late at night.

So, after a snooze, I walked to the convention center to see how long it would take me to walk. 10 min. Awesome. Then I got a surprise. Early registration! I jumped all over that. Got a sweet notebook case, tshirt and schedule. I’m all set. Walked up from the convention center to Chinatown and found a small authentic restaurant. It was okay. Tasted different. Then walked back to my hotel after stopping at Walgreens for a notebook and some pepto. Just in case.

Then checked out email, did some unpacking, and got ready for tomorrow. Basically, getting settled in. It’s going to be a great conference. I can feel it already. More to come tomorrow.