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New Design

It’s late and I’m working on deadlines that will be later than midnight for my classes.  It’s two more weeks to go and they’re going to be crazy busy.  But the end is in sight.  I have a hard time focusing on one thing for long periods of time, so I dabble while I work.  Tonight I’ve been inspired to try and get the site up to snuff with the best template WordPress offers to give ourselves the most flexible and usable construct to tell our stories.  I’m going to be working on figuring out what the deal is with the archives not working and some CSS customization, but here is the latest incarnation.  Simple.  Clean.  And scalable.  If any of you are wordpressers, this theme is for you.  Thanks to my co-worker, Daniel, for turning me on to K2.  Hope you enjoy the simple look and more frequent posts.  Commenting is also enabled to talk back as well as a cool new feature called “share this”.  You can link posts and the site up to your delicious, magnolia, Google bookmarks, e-mail and more.  There’s also a “latest comments” area on the sidebar to display the latest, so make sure you’re talking back.  I’ve also added to my blogroll with some friends who have some pretty cool blogs, so make sure you check them out and tell ‘em I sent you.

Hello, Old Friend

So, the last post I made was in late August.  I know.  I know.  Let the beat down begin.  I have not been faithful in posting.  But life has been going on.  I will probably do some back posting on how this fall has been.  We’ve been even more than Archer-standards busy.  Micki has been taking classes for her MAE (Master’s in Education), I’ve been taking two classes toward my MACOM (Master of Arts in Communication), and we’ve been doing this all while still efforting to keep pace with the normal Archer way of life.

Has it been working?  Sure.  Have things fallen to the wayside in the process?  Yes.  This blog is one of those things.  I’m sorry.  So, this is the quick suck-up post with a promise to post at least one thing a week.  No matter how big or small.  Feel free to keep me accountable.  I’ve tried to keep our Flickr site flowing.  So you’ve been able to at least see what’s been going on.  However, you’ve not been able to take advantage of my stellar storytelling and narrative.  Which I know is what keeps you coming back for more.

I will have a pretty lengthy post for our Christmas letter online in the next three weeks.  So we don’t have to send it to you.  Well, with those things said, here’s to more blogging in 2008.


So I was in Hutch’s today getting some meat for community group tonight.  As I was walking through the door to head home (you know, the automatic doors), there was a mom, grandma, and little kid heading for the door.  There are two doors.  The “Enter” and “Exit”.  The kid started veering toward the “Enter”.  The mom said, “No son, we go through here.  E-X-I-T means “out”.  Yeah, that kid is going to have a hard time with spelling.

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