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Tigers vs. Mariners

Tigers vs. Mariners

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So I’m trying to get studying, but the Lakers/Spurs game is too riveting for me to turn it off and read over 100 pages of “Teaching Communication: Theory, Research, and Methods”. I’ve been uploading tons of pics and tagging them. And I will be uploading some more stories and recaps soon. Much has been happening in Archer-land.

Last week I got to enjoy some time with my dad. I always love to spend time with him. Over the past few years we go to two sporting events a year in lieu of birthday/christmas presents. And dad has come to visit the past two Mays. He arrived Saturday night and we had fun hanging out, running errands, chilling and talking, and culminating with a night in Detroit. Dad took me to a Tigers game. We had some pretty sweet seats. Got into the city early, had dinner at Hockeytown, and got into the stadium early.
The game was great, except for the fact that it rained for the majority. Cold and rainy. Love Michigan, baby. But the cool thing about dad, and really most people we truly love, is that we don’t need a vehicle or circumstances to enjoy each other. It was fun. And it was time with dad. All good.

I’m looking forward to this fall when hopefully we’ll hit a Browns game. Before the snow. Thanks daddy for a great visit. I miss you already.

Young Evangelicals for Obama?

So Micki and I have been following this presidential race more closely than any other race.  And it hasn’t even started yet.  We’ve watched most of the debates, read up on policy and even TiVo Meet the Press .  I even stayed up for most of the Tuesday primaries, especially last week.  Saw this article and thought I’d post it.  Seems to echo where people in my world are thinking and processing.  I don’t think it is all about abortion or gay rights.  I think people like me are thinking beyond and through a few issues to who we think is the best leader for our country.  With three left, (actually probably two after a few more weeks), my reading, research, and processing will intensify.  It will be interesting to see what happens.  I do believe that the climate is changing.  In more ways than one.  Check this article out for more details.  Comments are encouraged.

Politics | Young, evangelical … for Obama? | Seattle Times Newspaper

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