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Spring break was relaxing for two of us. Fun for three of us. We decided because of our Archtastic pace of life that we’d gear down and do nothing for spring break. Cheaper. Nicer. Easier. It snowed. Yeah.

Our fun event we planned for the week was for me to take Friday off and drive to Chicago. Grace and Mick worked out what they wanted to do. Shedd’s Aquarium. We left early Friday and got in around lunchtime.

We checked into our hotel to find that the hotel didn’t have an extra bed for G as promised. Keep in mind that I had called before we booked the room to confirm this. After “negotiating” with the front desk, we were upgraded (for $50 more) to an apartment. It was pretty sweet.  Except for the fact that anytime anyone flushed the toilet or turned on the water, the pipes shook our “room” and kept us up all night.  Classy.

After checking in, we decided to walk toward Shedd’s. We were hungry. But we were trying to save money and enjoy the walk. We realized halfway that we still had four miles to go. I finally called a cab and we rode in. Hungry. We arrived to a line about 200 yards and what wound up to be 45 minutes long. Now it’s about 3:30 our time. Now we (really me) were becoming pretty grouchy. We were told not to eat at Shedds because it was so expensive. I didn’t care. After all the walking, waiting, and anticipating, we arrived into the aquarium to discover two things:
1. The actual animals weren’t there because of a renovation. We saw a dog show instead. Really. Truly.
2. There was no place to eat. There were vending machines. Still true. Yes. Really. Truly.

Upon feasting on Mt. Dew and Chili Cheese Fritos, we headed into Shedds. It was a great time. We had fun exploring and just being together. We walked from Shedds to Milenium Park and ate Giordanos for dinner. Good stuff. Then walked back to our hotel in the Water Tower district. Did some shopping. Got a slice of cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory. Shared it in bed together watching the Pistons on TV. It was a good day.

Saturday we did some more shopping, picked up some popcorn at Garrett’s for friends, and wound up losing time and being late to get going to Joel Maust’s wedding. Enter the crazy zone.

We wound up rushing to get packed, I ran to the parking garage to find out that I was going to be charged another full day for parking. 25 hours. $51. Yeah. Thanks. I then got stuck in one-way street land and couldn’t get to the hotel without more traffic. So I double-parked on a street and ran to the hotel, ran the bags to the car, and proceeded to drive about 80mph for over an hour. I don’t speed. Ever. But I didn’t want to be late for Joel’s wedding. And the reality was that we were probably going to.

We wound up getting there 15 minutes late and stressed from white-knuckel driving. We entered the presence of God. Joel and Heather’s wedding was my second favorite of all time (ours #1 of course). It was totally worship. Jesus-centric. Amazing. We stayed for the reception and some dance time for G and Sherry. Then headed home to be in time to teach Nav 2:7. A crazy-go-nuts weekend. Totally Archer-style. Why? Because we had fun. Lots of it. And made special memories. Lots of em. And we were able to celebrate a few things: Our friends, family, our marriage, and the reality that Jesus is the center. Which for us is pretty important. It keeps us together. And helps us become what we were intended for. All in all, a great weekend indeed.

9 miles and I’m Certifiable

Last week I ran 9.5 miles.  After hooking up my iPod (I use Nike+ to keep tabs on running), my Nike+ homepage had a certificate on it.  It said, “Congrats, you’ve just ran over 100 miles.”  100 miles.  That’s like running to Detroit and back.  I’ve run over 100 miles.  Not only did I never believe that I could run 9 miles at once, 1 hour 45 minutes at a time, but I never thought I’d string this much running together.  It’s amazing.

This morning I was talking to Grace and helping her study for a Social Studies test.  She didn’t feel prepared although she had a day off the previous day and didn’t study much.  We got to talking about the idea of diligence in the midst of the journey.  I had opportunity to equate the running analogy with her.  I shared with her that I couldn’t have just decided to get up and run 10 miles.  I have to train regularly in the little things so I can celebrate the big things.  The same holds true with her schoolwork.  The same holds true for our journey with Jesus.  I wonder how many miles I have run in my spiritual journey?  How many left to run?  I don’t know.  But I’m gonna keep on running.  Until I get that prize from Jesus.  You know the one.  The one that says, “Well done good and faithful servant.”  In my spiritual life, that’s what I’m running toward.