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60 Sycamore

The House, originally uploaded by Jason Archer.

This summer I worked in Rochester, NY, my hometown. I hadn’t been back to “the old neighborhood” in more than a decade. Maybe two. One afternoon I was able to get away and take a walk through the old hood to the home of my childhood.

The neighborhood and street seemed much smaller as an adult. I wrote more about this on my personal/professional blog. It was a cool time to look back and remember what a great place and time to grow up.  |  Flickr Photoset

July 4th

Arch-tastic, originally uploaded by Jason Archer.

This July 4th weekend we spent with great friends on the West coast of Michigan. We connected with Durochers at a fair, participated in the show, and united with Brants and Webers for a fantastic day. Sam got us free ride passes and we took advantage.

We rode some fun rides together, ate some fun food, and then the fun began. Todd had mentioned he brought a turkey to cook on the campfire. He got the turkey setup with potatoes and carrots, wrapped the whole thing in tinfoil and put it on a tripod above the fire to get cooking.

After hours of waiting and cooking, the turkey was still not ready. Kids were melting down. All the wood was burned. We were headed into the forest to get extra wood to keep the fire going and bird cooking. At one point, the tripod broke, dropping the turkey into the fire. Instinctively, I grabbed the whole thing out of the fire to save it. We wound up leaving at 11pm with no turkey after cooking for four hours. The camping crew wound up cutting up the turkey and cooking it up in the campers.

All in all it was a fantastic time to be together and a perfect day.  |  Flickr Photoset