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9 miles and I’m Certifiable

Last week I ran 9.5 miles.  After hooking up my iPod (I use Nike+ to keep tabs on running), my Nike+ homepage had a certificate on it.  It said, “Congrats, you’ve just ran over 100 miles.”  100 miles.  That’s like running to Detroit and back.  I’ve run over 100 miles.  Not only did I never believe that I could run 9 miles at once, 1 hour 45 minutes at a time, but I never thought I’d string this much running together.  It’s amazing.

This morning I was talking to Grace and helping her study for a Social Studies test.  She didn’t feel prepared although she had a day off the previous day and didn’t study much.  We got to talking about the idea of diligence in the midst of the journey.  I had opportunity to equate the running analogy with her.  I shared with her that I couldn’t have just decided to get up and run 10 miles.  I have to train regularly in the little things so I can celebrate the big things.  The same holds true with her schoolwork.  The same holds true for our journey with Jesus.  I wonder how many miles I have run in my spiritual journey?  How many left to run?  I don’t know.  But I’m gonna keep on running.  Until I get that prize from Jesus.  You know the one.  The one that says, “Well done good and faithful servant.”  In my spiritual life, that’s what I’m running toward.

Habitat House

Grace and Me
Originally uploaded by Jason Archer

The past two/three weeks have been very hectic. I’m working my job, taking a class for my Master’s, building a Web site on the side, making several video projects as “special surprises”, and helping build a Habitat for Humanity house in Jackson.

We did a Habitat House three years ago, but I wasn’t as involved as this year. I’ve spent quite a few hours working on this house for CJ and Amber and their three kids. Some pics I’ve posted. The greatest reward for me is simply doing something for someone I don’t know with no benefit for myself. It’s really funny how when we decide to make our lives not about ourselves that at that point, life really begins. It’s hard for me. But working at this house has helped me really see the beauty in giving myself away.

I’ve wanted to participate with Micki and Grace on this, but really have been on my own. Building the last two weeks of school are bad. But I did get to take Grace with me last week. And she was awesome. We filled in nail holes in the trim together, cleaned, and then we hung kitchen cabinets. Grace was a great helper. Wanting to engage as much as she could. And having a great heart about it. I love when her heart gears toward others. When she gets focused there, she’s pretty amazing. I wish we could have spent more time together working on it. I took some pics before we left after a hard working night. A night spent on others. A night well spent.