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Grace’s 13th Birthday

We are officially parents of a teen. Grace turned 13 this year. With it marked the desire for a “mixed” birthday party. After some thought and wise counsel, we decided to have a party at Summit Lanes in East Jackson. A great choice. Grace invited some of her friends for some bowling fun and the girls to come back to our house for s slumber party.

We wound up taking the girls out to see “The Green Hornet”. Fun time. Not so good movie. Breakfast the next morning to top things off and a family party with the usual suspects and it turned out to be a pretty great birthday for Grace.  |  Flickr Photoset

Grace Finishes

I just got around to producing a short piece of Grace at her second cross country meet.  It was a perfect example to demonstrate how to use iMovie for my students Monday.  They got a kick out of the video as well as the tool.  I think this was in Sand Creek, but I can’t be for sure.  I do know it was her favorite course.  Notice the first leg her speed at mile .5, and her speed at mile 1.75, the finish line.  She had plenty in the tank!  We’re so proud of her for not just starting, but finishing.  I’ll post some more vids later this month on two other races.