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Grace Finishes

I just got around to producing a short piece of Grace at her second cross country meet.  It was a perfect example to demonstrate how to use iMovie for my students Monday.  They got a kick out of the video as well as the tool.  I think this was in Sand Creek, but I can’t be for sure.  I do know it was her favorite course.  Notice the first leg her speed at mile .5, and her speed at mile 1.75, the finish line.  She had plenty in the tank!  We’re so proud of her for not just starting, but finishing.  I’ll post some more vids later this month on two other races.

Mission Accomplished

My Girls

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Saturday I hit a goal. A five-year goal. I ran 13.1 miles. This isn’t something that has been easy. I paid for the Indy Mini two years ago to run with Joel Maust. Didn’t finish. Paid for the Chicago Mini last year. Didn’t finish. Actually, didn’t even run either race. This Saturday I changed the trajectory of those failures into a triumph. I finished.

The race was awesome. Joel Miller and trained together since January. If you’ve read this blog before, you’ve seen posts and pics of the journey. Our longest run was 10 miles up until this point. We trained diligently. Fought through some injury, fatigue, and pain. But on the other side was satisfaction.

I think for me as I crossed the finish line, I was surprised by my emotion. I didn’t know what to expect. I wasn’t weepy. I wasn’t really anything. I think I was pretty calm. Matter of fact. Taking care of my business. I set out to do it. I did it. I had visions of hitting the finish line the last 5 months. None of my visions looked like this. The two best parts for me were seeing Micki and Grace just before i crossed the finish. That’s when the emotions started running. The second was Grace and Mick hugging me. Grace telling me how proud she was of me.

This got me to thinking. I think the main reason I wanted to run, not walk, not stop, and finish, was for myself. To extend beyond myself to accomplish a goal. To know I can do it. But I think I also want Grace and Micki to know they can too. For Grace to know because she’s seen her daddy do it, that she can reach beyond herself to do something extraordinary.

I’ve got many more thoughts on this. But I wanted to post something quickly while it was still fresh. Thanks for those of you who prayed for me. Thanks to those of you who encouraged me. Thanks to those of you on Facebook that posted comments at every milestone. Thanks Nathan for getting me started last summer. Thanks Joel for taking on my bellyaching and pulling me to the finish line these past few months. The training was far beneficial than the race. Thanks everyone who reads these words. The great cloud of witnesses makes a difference for this balding, overweight runner. One who isn’t going back now. I’m headed out this afternoon for a light 3-5 miler. Why? Because I can. What can you take away from this? Reach beyond yourself. You can do it. But don’t do it alone. When you come out on the other side, it’s beautiful. I’m definitely enjoying the view.  |  Photo Gallery

9 miles and I’m Certifiable

Last week I ran 9.5 miles.  After hooking up my iPod (I use Nike+ to keep tabs on running), my Nike+ homepage had a certificate on it.  It said, “Congrats, you’ve just ran over 100 miles.”  100 miles.  That’s like running to Detroit and back.  I’ve run over 100 miles.  Not only did I never believe that I could run 9 miles at once, 1 hour 45 minutes at a time, but I never thought I’d string this much running together.  It’s amazing.

This morning I was talking to Grace and helping her study for a Social Studies test.  She didn’t feel prepared although she had a day off the previous day and didn’t study much.  We got to talking about the idea of diligence in the midst of the journey.  I had opportunity to equate the running analogy with her.  I shared with her that I couldn’t have just decided to get up and run 10 miles.  I have to train regularly in the little things so I can celebrate the big things.  The same holds true with her schoolwork.  The same holds true for our journey with Jesus.  I wonder how many miles I have run in my spiritual journey?  How many left to run?  I don’t know.  But I’m gonna keep on running.  Until I get that prize from Jesus.  You know the one.  The one that says, “Well done good and faithful servant.”  In my spiritual life, that’s what I’m running toward.