Binder Park Zoo

Last Summer we went on a most excellent adventure to the Binder Park Zoo. It was family date day, and we made the most of it. The day was perfect. Lots of sun and fun. Grace loved most everything we saw, but loved the Wild Africa exhibit. We took a tram to “Africa” and landed in an “authentic” African village.

We got a nice lady to take a picture of us in “Africa”. Great family day.

The coolest thing was seeing and feeding the giraffes. We even saw monkeys in the monkey cage getting busy. Grace was wondering what was going on, so we made a hasty exit to something less “engaging”. There was a nice man who even put a quarter into a viewer to see out into the hillside and catch a glimpse of some of the african animals. Grace was disappointed there were no dolphins or water creatures, but she had a blast. We did too.






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