James Taylor

Last summer Mick and I went on a dream date. Our big summer blowout date took us to DTE Energy Ampitheatre [aka Piine Knob] for one of our all time favorites. James Taylor. James Taylor’s Greatest Hits is on both of our favorites of all time, and with new material, he didn’t disappoint. We tried to bring our chairs in a bag, but the gatekeepers sent us packing back. Then we walked back after losing time to get a good seat on the lawn, we got the boot for taking some snacks. Third time was not the charm either. No cameras allowed. So, we took a picture of us with our tickets outiside our car before we went back in for an amazing concert. We did manage to take a pic with my camera phone.

Yes, i am looking scary, but we sure had fun that night.

The concert was amazing. It was a perfect night. Stars, breeze, cool. Nice. JT was awesome. He did all of his best. We were singing along and snuggling on our blanket in the moonlight. It was like a serenade. Until a drunk guy fell on us. Apparently he had parkinsons and was drunk, so it made for walking up the hill a chore. After helping him up and with no place to sit, we offered he and his wife a spot on our blanket for the remainder. It was a bit crowded, but Mick was happy that we helped someone. I guess she thinks that’s a Christian thing to do or something…..

Regardless, at the end it started to rain, and we left during the second encore. He was singing “Fire and Rain.” What a perfect ending to a perfect night. Me, Mick, and JT.






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