The Comeons

Feb 28, 2004. The Lager House. Michigan Ave. Chad, Sam, and I went to see Bryan Foreman’s band, The Comeons.

They were incredible. After seeing his other band, The Blue Sunrays, we were excited to see this band. They were sweet. The place was packed as “The Lewalcinders” were performing before. They’re a band from Pittsburgh that played in Detroit, and then the following night the Comeons went to Pittsburgh to play in their house. Cool arrangement.

The Comeons have a sweet eclectic, yet accessible pop/rock/folk sound. After hearing them I really think they could sign a record deal and make it.

After the set, people were all over them to tell them how great the set was. There was even this freaky guy named “Esquire” that did a rap in one of their last songs, a Beyonce cover. It was crazy at the Lager House, but really sweet to be a part of Bryan’s life in that way. We’re officially Comeons groupies. Three large men with cameras taking pictures in a shady bar. It was really fun. Bryan is incredibly talented, and he’s going for his dreams. LOVE IT. Too bad we couldn’t follow them to Austrailia for their tour with The Dirt Bombs. It’s good to have friends like these guys. Great night.






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