Mimi & Poppy’s Special Trip

In early March I began trying to lure Mom and Dad here for some R&R. Things at home were getting a bit stressful, and Mick brought up the idea of just bringing them here for some chillin at the PPP. So, we invited them to come to the Ministers Conference hosted by SAU, and take a day or two extra for time alone, time with Grace, and time with all of us. It was an awesome week for everyone.

The Ministers Conference was a time of refreshing and renewal for them, but I think they would say hanging out in the basement, sleeping in, and getting a window into our lives was just as refreshing. Mimi took Grace out for a special date and bought her a new dog. Grace named her Daisy. She still sleeps with her most every night. Special gift.

We also got to have some nights in the tub together. It was great therapy for Mom’s wrist which was hurting, but also for Dad. We had lots of fun on those cold nights heated up in the hot tub. It took about three tries of me and the timer and tripod trying to jump into the tub and look “natural”. But it was fun, and in the words of Mom, we “Made a Memory.”

On top of the Ministers Conference, Grace’s Cheerleading Camp, special dates, and other fun adventures, we took one night to go to The Parlor. Mimi and Poppy both love ice cream. So do my ladies. So, we went on the last night before they left for a blow out ice cream event. Lots of fun.

It was one of the best weeks we spent together. We shared, laughed, and really grew closer together. Thankful for this special season in our family’s life.






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