Grace’s First Swimming Lesson

Well, it’s later in the evening, and I am working on the 5th Grade grad video for Parma Elementary. Gotta have it done by tomorrow night to deliver Friday. So, I’m waiting for my iMovie transitions to render. iMovie is cool for some stuff, but when you get over 20 minutes of footage, it tends to bog down. Thus the reason for this post.

So, today was a banner day in the life of our family. It was Grace’s first swim lesson. Jan Hultman is her teacher. The godmother of swim lessons. We’re really excited. Stacy Buratovich is also in her class, so better yet.

She did great. Not afraid of the water and eager to learn it all. She was already saying to Jan, “I know, this is easy.” It wasn’t, but she has the right attitude. I think I was scared she would be afraid of the water or trying new things. She’s definitely not. Here’s a picture of her swimming through hoops in the pool.

she wants to be a vet and loves dolphins. this is a match made in heaven!

I couldn’t be too close because I had shoes on. Against the rules. But I did get her after. Her eyes were red from rubbing and the chlorine.

She also had her first locker room experience. Fortunately for me, there were some moms who went into check on her. She had no idea. Try explaining the concept of a locker room to a 6-year old. Even a sharp one like G. So, thanks Lena, Cary, and Barb for givin me the hook up. All in all a great experience. Grace doesn’t know what else she can learn. She told me she’s already learned everything. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.

barely dried off and blotchy from the “locker room experience”, our girl exits in triumph, waiting for tomorrow’s challenge.






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