Pistons Adventure Part 2

Well, we did it. Our famous special summer date this year wasn’t James Taylor, Journey, or Chicago, but the Pistons. Even though it was one of the ugliest playoff games ever for Detroit, we had a great time. We got to the Palace early, and combed the parking lot for nearly an hour looking for two extra tickets. We decided if we couldn’t get any, we’d go over to the sports bar accross the street and watch the game with the other fans that couldn’t get in. Fortunately we ran into a guy who asked us if we needed tickets. I said yes, but didn’t have much money. He said no prob. He had a luxury box that he couldnt fill and sold us the $650 ticket for $80! How cool was that?

We forgot our camera, but had the camera phone to take a shot from the penthouse!

So, not only did we get into the game, but we were sittin in the lap of luxury, baby! We got to share the suite (complete with leather furniture, wetbar, bathroom, phone, tv, etc) with some hard core fans who traveled to Indiana and back to support the Pistons. Go Jason, George, and Julio! Go Pistons! It was amazing. Plus, I’m sitting next to my wife, a true sports fan, who is yelling at Corliss Williamson to hustle up the court after one of his many missed shots. Talk about the complete package! Oh yeah, baby. Private elevators, great seats, and a special adventure with Micki. The most fun I think was getting away with her and going on an adventure where we weren’t in a hurry or on task for something. Just bumming around and having fun.

Not only did we get to go see the Pistons, but we stayed in Detroit at a cool hotel, and got to bum around AA for the day. Used bookstores, garden centers, and cold-chillin in on the road in the KKKKIa!. What a special adventure. All props go to the Slickster for making it happen.






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    You guys are sumthin’ else. Jumping on a bandwagon that will come to a screeching halt in about a week. I agree, I’d like to see the Pistons win, BUT let’s get serious. They don’t have much of a chance.

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