The First Bonfire of the Spring

Well, here we are. The 11th hour. And I am waiting for a render to undo. Who knows how long this will take. iMovie just eats it with a project like this. Over 30 minutes. Over 300 pics with the patented Ken Burns Effect and transitions with music. Wish I had Final Cut loaded up on my iMac. We’d be floating by now.

Regardless, as I wait to save, I wanted to post a couple of fun pics from Memorial Day. We went over to Strods for lunch. We were starving and John took an hour and a half on the super slow cooker to broil the hot dogs and burgers for lunch around 1:30. It was worth the wait though. Fun time hanging out, looking through the Spriggs new house, and enjoying the new Strodtbeck deck. Nicey nice.

As we left, we made plans for them to come over and do a bonfire. So, at around 6 they came busting into the back yard of the Pershing Pleasure Palace. Grace decided she would start the fire. She knew just how if we watched. Somehow I don’t think it would have mattered how long we watched. Her “method” wasn’t gonna be happening.

We had a smoldering fire for a bit (wet wood), but “Firemarshal Mick” got things a-blazin and we were roasting and toastin marshmallows. Isaac kept running off with the bag of marshmallows and it became a game the whole night. Could he sneak past Mick and grab the bag? He got by several times as you can see here. Chubby bunny is an understatement.

While we were enjoying a good time of fun, John asked for a knife. This put us all on edge. So, I cautiously gave him a knife and he promptly began whittling away a “special tool”. Later it would be known as the “marshmallow Roaster XL2000”. It didn’t look like much. Didn’t work that well either. But it was fun to watch him make it. And we had fun hanging out on a great evening for bonfiring.






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