Sledding for Life

This past winter we decided to take Grace out and go sledding. Last winter we went in SA with Durochers, and Grace fell in love with it. No drama. No maintenance. So, we went with Strods this winter and headed to Cascades. Ethan and Isaac weren’t too interested in sledding, so John, Lissa, Micki, Grace, and I went. I got some video of it as well as some fun pix.

One video clip is of Liss and Grace coming right at me, almost knocking me down. Isaac also had a really cute moment. He wanted me to walk with him to the top of the hill. The top top. It took a bit of time, but we made it. Sweet boy. Grace became the fearless sledder. She was walking up to the top of the hill and sledding down by HERSELF. She was impressive. Hard core sledder. Takes after her mom.

After we were done, we took some pics for postarity. After, we went over to the PPP for some hot chocolate and chillin’. Fun family day. I remember not really wanting to go that day, but saying to Micki on our way to the car, “Thanks for making this happen. This was a great idea and a great time.” She’s cool like that.






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