We’re Officially Open

Just forwarded our site to our friends. Working on Web. Getting ready to deliver DVDs for Parma this afternoon. Meeting Mick for lunch. They finally got a contract signed. The contract they signed was for this past year. That’s how far behind they are. But, I guess the agreement was for two years. So, no negotiations next. Lunch in Parma is an event. Burger King, Ice Cream Shop coney dogs, or Parma Cafe.

The tub last night was a welcome oasis. Love it still. Hasn’t grown old. Relaxing. Grace is headed to Evan Shaw’s birthday party tonight, so Slick and I get dinner out. ALONE. Loving it. G and I went shopping last night and got Evan a Shrek 2 book and a big bin of legos. Tomorrow is Hannah Shearer’s Bday. Mick’s getting down to the wire. Monday and Tuesday. Then it’s all over. Summer has begun. Crazy weekend and week next week. Gonna be worth it, though.

Wearing my new Pistons shirt I got at the Palace last week. I believe. Well, at least believe it goes maybe to six games. Hope for the best. I’ll be watching game one Sunday. Go Pistons.

Well, better get back to work. Web templates are calling. Fortunately I have Elton John’s greatest hits to keep me company.






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