A Day of Futility

Well, today is winding down, and it proved to be a pretty lousy weekend. Saturday was spent trucking Grace around, running errands for work, and helping Mick with her classroom stuff. To top it off, we rented “The Goonies” for G and Mick to see. Man, that movie should probably be rated “R”. Definitely not a kids movie. Mick thought it was lame too. Talk about wind out of my sails!

Then, great worship service. Great meeting time with God. We head home, and my lawnmover needs to be serviced. I had ran over a root last week, and it bent one of the blades. Long story short: 8 trips to Home Depot. EIGHT! Butch even came over to try and help me get the bolt off to change the blades. Needless to say, frustration was not even in the same AREA CODE. Anyway, I got it running, mowed the back yard, and began the front when our neighbor, whom I’ve never met, comes running over and accuses me of stealing her lawnmower battery! After I got her calmed down and sorted throught things, I realized that it was John, my neighbor, how had offered to help her, and she mistook him for me. After that distraction, I headed back to finish the front yard…as my girls are coming out to inform me that they’re hungry. So, I resigned myself to the fact that the mowing is not going to be done. To top it off, Mick went to Med Plus and they told her she has an upper respritory infection. The doc told her she needs to take some time off to let her body rest. Yeah, like that’s happening anytime soon. Last week of school and tearing down the classroom.

Sam just called. Eureka meeting is on in a few. He’s got some issues with crusty PC’s and viruses. So, we’ve all had futility. Luckily Mick just made some of her famous chocolate chip cookies. Comfort food for all of us. Heading to watch the Pistons hopefully pull off an upset, enjoy some cookies, and go to bed early.

I updated some past events this weekend for you all to check out:

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