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Hey, I almost fogot. Some of you are actually posting Feedback. Thanks Julie and Paul. Even you, Dave, for your unbelieving spirit that the Pistons had no chance. Crow will be served up on a silver platter for you, my friend.

I know I haven’t posted in a few days, but I will commit to being regular. On the Web, that is. The other is left to fiber, bran, and chance. But keep the feedback coming. Post a comment, or e-mail using the links on the sidebar. We’d love to hear what you think about the site.

Feel free to e-mail us what you are up to, links to your sites, and pics. I will post them. Enjoy your night. I’ve got two Web sites to build and the bills to do. Midnight oil is burning, baby. Hope to hear from you all!






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  1. pblessel Avatar

    sounds like you guys had a wonderful time from one parent to another. single people don’t understand us when we say going out for even 2 hours is a great time when you can leave your children behind in capable hands.
    Shelly and i did much the same thing this past saturday, however we did end up seeing a movie, after my fathers day dinner at long john silvers, (hey thats where “I” wanted to go) we saw the “stepford wives” i have to admit that the movie was a little on the cute side but i would suggest that if there is anything else playing at the same time you think you might want to watch, you should go see the other movie first. we both said it would have been worth it to have entered “the day after tomorrow” 1/2 hour late then to have sat through “stepford wives” but we both agree, the time we had alone was worth its weight in gold.

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