Garage Renovation

It was a busy weekend. I worked Friday and Saturday outside, hung out with Strodtbeck’s, Kline’s, and Metricarti’s Friday night, and worked on Eureka! stuff Saturday and Sunday. Plus, VBS started Sunday, and we were volunteers for the main teaching area. We had tons of fun. I was NOT excited about helping out. Mick volunteered us. We had to put together decorating the chapel, memorizing the skit, and leading it. We went to the church at 4 to pull it together with Kara, one of Mick’s cell group girls. I was stressing and wanting to do a good job. Sometimes I put more pressure on myself…Especially with it being ministry and impacting kids. Want to make it count. But the Lord helped us out, and we rocked! It was an awesome station. We did the same program three times in a row that night, and by the third one, I was almost sad to be done. We were exhausted, but it was a kind of adrelalized exhaustion. The kind of “good tired” that comes from ministry. Mick and I were reflecting on the fact that we used to feel like this at least three times a week for about 6 years. Don’t miss that too much….

Well, Saturday, after I got home from working, we went to work on the garage. Doin a big G-sale, and we needed to go through all of our stuff. So, we went through it….Everything.

Going to town with Slick Mick

We went through all of the bins in the loft, the stuff in the garage, and COMPLETELY gutted it. Consolidated, trashed, and organized. Made a run to the dump with the trash, and swept it clean. It was a sight to behold. Micki was so excited to “set the table” for the sale. She can now get the place organized to make us some cashola.

Mick taking on the loft

So, all in all, we are exhausted now. Long weekend. Lots of work. Ministry. But good work. Good ministry. Good time. Grace is loving VBS and Girl Scout camp all in one week. We’ll try and have some pics of that stuff later this week. Time to head for bed to watch “50 First Dates”. I’ve got my fingers crossed. If not, I will have my eyes closed….






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