We just got back from a Dad and Daughter Date Night. We just finished a gourmet dinner at Burger King, followed by a movie at the theatre: Garfield. That has to be one of the worst kid movies ever. BORING. But Grace seemed to like it, and we had a good time.

At BK, Grace got the chicken tenders. She decided to try Sweet and Sour sauce. Didn’t like it too much. So she went back to get BBQ and Ranch. She wanted to try BBQ again because it is my favorite. Needless to say, BBQ went right with S&S, and Ranch won out. But I was proud of her for trying something new. She got Spiderman web things for a toy and can’t wait to play with them tomorrow.

We had fun at the movie. Grace was mezmorized by the toy box arm contraption. I call it “Give 50 Cents Away”. She gave it a shot. Surprise. No toy.

Losing money was never this fun

We were running late, so we headed into the theatre to watch the move. Grace is now sitting in the office with a mask on that she made at Girl Scout Camp enjoying a special chocolate sundae I made her. Then it’s off for some extended snuggling and another chapter of Ramona the Pest.

A grainy picture of us in the theatre

We’ve gotta get a good night sleep because tomorrow is our G-Sale. Headed to EBay to find out the values of Mom and Dad’s Beatles Albums and moving some furniture out to the garage. Mick is finally out at a scap in Spring Arbor. She’s got her scrappin room organized, pics put together, and now is ready to rock and roll. Glad for her. As for me, two more signs to make for the sale, and we should be in business. I’m sure there will be pics and a recap soon. As for now, it’s snuggle time. Nighty- Nite!






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