Dream Come True

Well, we finally did it. I’ve been wanting to catch a MLB game with Dad for years now, and we haven’t made the connection. Finally we did. We connected with Mom, Dad, and Mercedes on Sunday night at the Ohio border. We had dinner and then took Dad home with us for a week of relaxation and vacation. It was a great week.

Dad and I at Comerica Park

Tuesday night we went to see the Tigers and Indians. Not a barn burner by any stretch in the pennant race, but for us it was. The night was perfect. Sunny, breezy, and warm. But not too warm. The game was pretty even with Detroit winning most of the game. In the bottom of the 9th it was 7-5 D-town. Cleveland hits a 2-run shot to even the game at 7. We go into extra innings and Dimitri Young hit a 2-run homer in the 11th for the win. It was an awesome game and a great time to spend with Dad.






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