Poppy and Mimi Visit

This past week my Dad came to get away for some down time. Don’t know really if that is actually possible at our house, but we did try. After we got Dad Sunday night, we did the Tigers game Tuesday. Grace and Poppy had some special time together. One of her favorites was riding Pop like a horse.

They went to Toys-R-Us to make a special project. They made a butterfly dreamcatcher. After that, they went to the Omega Coney Island for some good grub. We took a sweet picture of them on the porch.

We grilled out some BBQ on Wednesday with some corn on the cob. Grace was sad that Mimi wasn’t there because apparently she eats corn on the cob a very special way…MESSY. I grabbed the camera and asked her to eat the corn like Mimi. This is what we got.

Well, finally Thursday night we ran back to the border to rendezvous with Mom. We had dessert at Friendly’s. Check out the Photoblog on the right nav to see a snapshot of that. After getting back late, we hit the sack. Mick, Grace, and Mom went g-salin’ most of the day Friday, and Grace enjoyed some special time with the Mimstress. They had coffee together and took time to ham it up with the camera.

Friday night we lit up some sparklers while the mosquitoes lit us up. Mom wanted to do our own July 4th celebration together since we weren’t going to be together. It was brief, but fun.

It was a fun week. Any visit with family when you wish you could be together more is definitely a good one. Thankful for time with Dad at the ballpark, quick coffeehouse date with Mom, and the investment they continue to bring in spending time with Grace. We’re truly blessed.






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    Thanks for the update on your family. My how Grace has grown, what a little lady. We’ll have to get together sometime, Dumonts.

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