Tastefest Saturday

Comeons coming on strong and sounding awesome

Last Saturday we said goodbye to Mom and Dad and headed to D-town. I had gotten an e-mail about Bryan Foreman’s band, The Comeons, performing at Comerica Tastefest. They were on the Pure Detroit Stage. So, we called up Jason and Shiela, hooked up with them, and went to see the band.

My ladies looking good on a sunny Saturday

The sound system was really loud, but the band sounded great. Bryan seemed to have some more solo material in this set than the one we saw in the winter. He also had his famous cowbell solo. Grace really liked it. It was a perfect day. And we had lots of fun with Jason and Shiela.

“We need more cowbell!”

After the show we said hi to Erika, Sheila Jones, and Bryan. Then headed back to Beattys. We did some grocery shopping and grilled out at their house. It was really fun. Later that night we saw some fireworks from their front porch. Got a chance to spend some good time as a family, seeing some friends, and hanging out for some good times. Another great day.

Micki, Shiela, and Grace enjoying the fireworks






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