Micki and I just had one of the best three days ever. We went to Chicago. It was FREAKING AWESOME! We dropped Grace off at Somerset Beach Campground for our family camp. She stayed with the Logemans, and hung out with Durochers. We left SBC Wednesday and headed for the windy city. We got there around 2, so had plenty of day left for fun. We dropped off our stuff at our hotel, The Raphael, and our car at a gouging $22 per night. Thanks a lot, Magnificent Mile.

After we got situated, we headed out immediately. I had never been on the Magnificent Mile, and it was pretty magnificent. We just took our time and hit whatever store we wanted as we headed south on Michigan Ave. As we were talking and headed into the Disney Store, Micki totally walked right into a pole where the revolving door was. After the stars went away, we decided to take a picture for posterity.

Slick Mick not so slick at the original Micki’s

We made it downtown to Marshall Fields to experience the awesomeness of this landmark. What a department store. I took Mick into the middle of the store for the big reveal. After we looked at the prices of some stuff, we headed out to see more stuff. Walking back we decided to go to the hotel, change into our cool night time in Chicago outfits, and find a cool resteraunt to eat at. We decided on the House of Blues. We took a cab there only to find out that the entire place had been rented out for a private party. There were photographers and TV there. Didn’t know who it was for. But we wound up walking around looking for some place cool. We wound up at the Redfish Cafe. It was one of the best meals ever. Micki raved. i had shrimp for the first time. Not bad. We had a cool waiter, and according to Mick, most of the male wait staff was admiring me and my outfit. Nice. Anyway, we had a ton of fun.

Some good grub at a New Orleans-style spot. Great Meal!

After the Redfish, we had to make the decision. Go home, or party. We chose to party. Had heard of this cool place called the Redhead Piano Bar. Cool live music. So, we walked there excited to hang out. To our dismay, we were not allowed in because I was wearing sandals. Bummer. As we walked back to our hotel, I shimmied us over to a horse-drawn carriage ride. I’ve always wanted to do this, but they don’t really have them in Jackson. Micki was blown away. It was the perfect ending to the perfect night. Cool with a gentle breeze. Stars out. Riding around the city and over to Lakeshore Dr. Danny was our guide with his horse, Bozo. Magic, I’m telling you. Perfection. After the ride, we stopped at the Cheesecake Factory, located at the base of the Hancock Tower, for a slice of heaven, along with a caramel mocha. Heaven on earth.

Magic on Lakeshore. What an amazing ride!

The next day pretty much consisted of me driving Mick to her conference in Shaumburg. 30 miles in 1.5 hours. Yeah, that’s right. So, after over 3 hours of driving Mick and getting back into the city, I headed over to Wrigley on the Red Line to get tickets for the game. $75 each. No sale. Headed back downtown to the Apple Store to work. Then went back to pick up Mick. When we got back to the hotel, we changed and headed back to Wrigleyville. Long story short: $25 each for tickets, some really cool (and drunk) people to watch the game with, Journey did the National Anthem, and the Cubs won! Perfect again.

A dream come true. Wrigley field

After the game we shopped around and I got a shirt, then we walked over to Belmont. I took Mick to a favorite spot, Clarke’s on Belmont. We had some good grub at a cool place, and took the Dan Ryan Red Line home.

Friday morning we had breakfast at a place Mick had discovered when she took Grace to Chicago. Right accross the street from Chicago Tribune on the river. Nice. Then we did some last minute shopping, and headed home. It took us 7 hours to travel a normal 4 hour trip. Wall to wall traffic. Nightmare. But, looking at these pictures and remembering what an incredible time we had helps me forget all about gridlock on I-94. I am so grateful for resources to go, friends to keep Grace and she have a great time, and a home to come back to. Living truly in the blessing.






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