Michigan Adventure ’04

It’s Hell week here at the Archer home. I’m working round the clock getting ready to roll out an entirely new Web site for Spring Arbor University. Micki is taking her first grad class. We have a deadline for our company, and I am stuck. Waiting on some resources to get started. So, I thought I would take some time to recap another Archer Family Adventure.

This pose sets the tone for the day, baby!

We took off early on Saturday morning to hook up with the Strodtbecks in Grand Rapids. Met up, got everyone in their van, and drove to Michigan Adventure. Our second summer going together. It was a blast. We set up the TV/VCR in the Kia for Grace, so the ride there and back were relatively quiet. By the time we got to the park it was lunchtime, by design. We tailgated with sandwiches and snacks, and headed in for some fun!

Strods before the chaos insued

Ethan was immediately fired up about going to the bumper cars and wanted to ride with me. Grace of course wanted to head to the water park, but it was chilly and the high was supposed to be around 70. So, water park action was on delay. We hit the merry go round, swan paddle boats, and made our way to water world. All the time looking for bumper cars. What we didn’t know is we had passed them in the front of the park.

My cute girls riding the horsies

We headed back and had fun. Ethan and I rode together. Mick and Grace teamed up. And John and Issac partnered for some mayham. We only managed to hit Mick and Grace once. They hit us. So, E&G were trash talking it up after the ride on who hit who the best. By this time we decided to hit the water park, so John, Ethan, and I headed back to the van to get the swim gear and drinks. Mick and Grace headed to the kid rollercoaster, Cat and Mouse. They waited in line for over 30 min, and I watched as Grace saw her life flash before her eyes. She was scared spitless. Screaming. Hating every minute. By the time she exited the ride and hugged me, she was ready to get on it again. Said it made her “tummy feel jiggly inside”. I tried to explain to her the concept of adrenaline, but really couldn’t connect the dots.

Ready for our boat ride. Did someone switch our lifevests while I wasn’t looking?

The water park was basically for Grace. It was cold and windy. Cloudy. Ethan was not interested in getting wet. The adults were freezing, and Issac and Grace played. They could have played forever. So, we headed home for a late night. Mick got food poisoning and I got it late Saturday. Sunday we spent sick in bed. But it was a fun time. Great friends. Great time.






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