Grace’s Tooth

Two nights ago Grace FINALLY lost her first tooth. This was an event. She had been talking about how other kids had lost teeth that she knows. When will she lose her teeth? How soon before it happens? She asked my parents when I lost my first tooth. When did Micki? It became a right of passage.

In the interim, every other day we had “phantom lose teeth”. Grace would say, “Feel this, I think it’s loose.” It wasn’t. Well, finally about two weeks ago we had a legit lose tooth. And she relished in it. Wiggling it. Updating us on it. Status of the tooth. Two nights ago in bed it “fell out”.

The first picture of “Gaps Malone”

I was at work when it happened, so Mick informed me that the tooth fairy was going to leave her a note and give her the tooth back, since mom may like to scrapbook it. How thoughtful of that fairy! You know what else that silly fairy did? She didn’t leave the money under Grace’s pillow. Because our dog Lisa Marie was guarding the door. Scared the tooth fairy away.

So, Grace got $3 for her first tooth! I thought that was a little high. But according to other parents, which of course, we base all of our decisions on, the going rate for the first tooth is $5. Then $1 for any tooth after. Learning as we go along. So, Grace lost her first tooth, encountered the tooth fairy, collected some loot, and is already looking at the gap. Because she can see growing up….Another Tooth!






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