The New Web Site

The past 6-8 months have been extremely busy for me in my job. Our office (UCOM: University Communications) is basically a marketing firm under the umbrella of Spring Arbor University. So, every day is a busy day. But we had aggressively marked August 1 as our deadline for rolling out a re-designed Web site for the entire university.

Good thing there’s not a close up to see how nappy some of us look!

Needless to say, it was a chaotic 4-6 months of design, implementation, learning new languages, and information architecture. Working with two outside firms to get things done, coordinating things in our office, and making sure we met our deadline. Well, without getting into too many details ( I can bore you in person if you want), we did it. Early. July 30 we went live with the new Feel free to check it out. The picture above is our office a few moments after we went live. Sam, Joel, and I stayed up all night to make it happen. Julie went home around 2. Mark, Butch, and Tim really didn’t do much, but they’re still special, dang it! And Ann….well….she helped make it happen too. After the site went live, Tim took us out to Bob Evans for a celebration breakfast. With lots of coffee.

Great office. Great place to work. Good friends. Hard but fun night. And the benefits are enjoyed every day now. Actually since July 30, we’ve had almost 100,000 hits to the site.






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