For the second year in a row, the Pershing Pleasure Palace, our house, is hosting a bunch of guys every Monday night for Monday Night Football. It started last year when we were talking about creating a place for guys to come and hang out. A safe place for fellas to build relationships, unwind, and chill. It has turned out to be an event for a few die hards and some new studs as we make Monday night a ritual to hang with Al and John.

Sometimes feast, sometimes famine, but always fun

We’ve had some really fun nights, seen some memorable games, and bonded. Some nights we have a fooseball tourney going, darts, hanging in the downstairs kitchen, and watching the game. Other nights its all game. With the wireless network in the house, there are a couple of guys that bring their laptops and play out fantasy football live. It’s cool. It’s almost 9, and they should be on the way. Week 1 we had 3 guys. Week 3 we had around 20.

Most nights Mick is baking butter cake or tonight her famous chocolate chip cookies. She’s the bomb-diggety hostess with the mostess. Tonight we’re opening up the hot tub and bringing a TV out to watch the game from the tub. Gonna be fun. Love the Pleasure Palace. Love that the concept of getting together to hang out is evolving and the guys are thinking about other guys who may need to connect. It’s a beautiful thing.






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