Worn Out

Thursday night has come and with it another day where I feel like I live three days inside one. Don’t know any other way, but today is a bit overwhelming. We had another snafu on one of our jobs that continues to be a pattern. Fortunately Sam took care of it. And our other clients needing stuff, coupled with two jobs worth of work on my plate for SAU, add that to increasing my invovlement in ministry and top it off with trying to be a good husband and father…..and….well…..I sometimes feel like I am falling short somewhere. Did I mention that we are selling our house and I still need to work on it too?

I don’t even have time to eat healthy or spend some time with God. Too consumed with other things. It is bothering me. Been bothering me for a month or so.

That’s all I have time for. Gotta head to tuck Grace in and do some work for IYC. I’m thankful for Micki. She’s got some patience with me tonight. Fortunately we have the hot tub, Micki has Survivor tonight, and we have our 10th anniversary to look forward to.

Just one of those nights….

Perspective-wise, my life couldn’t be much better. Most everything I am overwhelmed by are good things. It’s still a blessing. All around. Thankful for work, for opportunity to minister, for my family, friends, home, company, and more. More than I could ask for or imagine.






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