Goofy Things for the Right Reasons

It’s been a really crappy week. Hard, but good in places. I love Fridays. Mick and Grace are snuggling on the bed watching Spongebob and I am doing the bills. It’s actually not something to dread anymore. But, we’re about to embark on something a bit stupid. We’re going to a football game.

It’s not just any football game. It’s a football game with the temperature in the low 40’s, gusty winds, and…oh RAIN. Pouring. Yeah, it’s gonna be lots of fun.

Why are we headed to such a place? A bunch of girls. Graduating this year. In Mick’s cell group. And a few are on Homecoming Court. And this is Homecoming Weekend. Picture these ladies in their beautiful dresses being blown from the 50 to the 20 yard line.

We’re getting bundled up and ready to go. Just like we are. In a few days. Celebrating our 10th anniversary. The weather is much different where we are going.

Well, that’s all for now. We’ll be headed out to catch a cold or worse. But we love these girls. Really. Especially Micki. And it’s worth the investment.






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