Western Homecoming 2004

This past weekend, we had the opportunity to go to Western High School’s homecoming. It was a miserable night, weather-wise. It was rainy and very cold. But that couldn’t stop the fun from happening. My cell group was finally going to homecoming as seniors. Yeah! I probably wouldn’t have even wandered out to the football game if it wouldn’t have been that both Cara and Bekah Brown were on the court. I snuck in to the school to get a few photos with the girls before they were announced at half time. It was a privilege to be there with their families taking pictures and exchanging hugs. It wasn’t until it was time to go outside that it actually hit me. These girls are seniors!!! Wow!

We went outside and stood in the cold rain for what seemed like a terribly long time. Jason and Grace were good sports about it. I knew they didn’t want to be there. At half time the team was down by so many points it was embarassing. But the halftime presentation of the court was fun. Bekah Brown was crowned the queen. She was very excited. The rest of us were excited just to be leaving.

After that I went over to Sara’s house to take pictures of the girls getting ready. That was even more fun! I loved being there to help them put on their jewelry and finish up their hair. They all looked terrific. It was also nice to be with the parents to tell them what great girls they have. Because they really do have great girls. I feel blessed to know them.

Check out the Homecoming web gallery for a quick look at the fun.






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