South Beach Extravaganza

Blogger is finally working, and I am not really in the zone, but I gotta tell ya about one of the best times in my whole life. Three days in South Florida with just my wife and me. I was in the zone last night, but Blogger wasn’t working. So on a crazy Wednesday late, I’m recapping an incredible time.

We headed out Thursday night after work. Grace stayed at Clevengers. We got to Detroit, got checked in, and waited. Our flight was a connection to Atlanta then onto Miami. However, FAA delayed our flight departure and we left nearly an hour late. They said it may have been Air Force One, but couldn’t confirm why the delay. So we left D-town at after 8pm. Arrived in Atlanta at 10:45. Our flight from ATL to Miami was departing at 10:55 and was closed. We were stuck in Atlanta. Our choices were to catch a flight to Ft. Lauderdale that would have us arriving at 1:15AM, and catching a cab for the 30 min ride to Miami to get the rental car. Or we could get a hotel in Atlanta and catch the first flight out to Miami in the morning. We chose to stay. Had to pay for our own hotel, and Delta gave us a crusty overnight bag as a “gift”. We made lemonade out of lemons and had fun. We really didn’t care where we were. We were together alone. It was fun.

We arrived late in the Morning Friday to get our rental car and headed to the hotel. The Creek. In South Beach. North side. Up on Collins by 22nd St. We were excited to get there, and scared out of our minds when we looked in the room. It looked like a dirty prison. Really. Nasty. We went back and asked for a different room. The second one had mold on the walls and a tiger-striped bed spread with the words “The World is Yours” painted on the wall. Big Lots furniture. Bad News.

I called John Strodtbeck back in Spring Arbor to find me a hotel and book it. He found us the Clay Hotel. Right in the heart of South Beach. Washington and 14th. We drove to the place. Looked at the room. Converted hostile. Not a chain, but clean and inexpensive. We took it. And headed back to ditch the Creek, or as Micki called it, the Creeper. She was going to be a good sport and said we could stay there, but I told her I appreciated the gesture, but didn’t think staying in a dirty room where the hotel room next door was a converted DJ club would probably not work for me or us.

We checked into our hotel and then had lunch on at a resteraunt on our street. Then unpacked and walked around. Fun. That evening, our anniversary, we cleaned up and got dressed up for our special night. We went to another resteraunt in our neighborhood. Across the street from us was a club where Cher was appearing for a Kerry/Edwards rally. We watched for her all night long. Had a great meal with a great waiter. Told him it was our 10th anniversary, and he brought over a Hispanic singer with his guitar. Sang us “Stand By Me”. Serenaded. It was really cool. I gave Micki a card, and we shared some special time. Then the whole staff came out and sang Happy Anniversary. Gave us free cake. With the rough start to our trip, this was one of those perfect moments. One of the best nights. Everything was perfect. Magical. We didn’t see Cher, because her Hummer Limo blocked her out, but Mick chased it down and took a picture.

Whooa. Mick just made fresh chocolate chip cookies. For those of you who have ever had them, you know when they are fresh, they are delightful. Gotta jet. Miami update #2 will have to come your way tomorrow. Plus I will have a Web gallery to bood. Not too many pics cause it was just the two of us, but we sure had a good time.






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