South Beach Extravaganza Pt. 2

Ahh, the cookies were really good. We are headed to Trunk-or-Treat at the church, but wanted to finish up on our trip to the promised land. South Florida.

Micki on our street where our hotel was. It was an awesome neighborhood and great place to stay.

After a perfect date night, we headed out to Lincoln Ave for some night life. Did some shopping, looked at some shops, and headed home to our love nest. One thing we thought was pretty interesting about the area was that everyone has a little yippy dog. Everyone. They brought them into the stores with them, some sat at the tables with their peculiar owners at resteraunts, and there were public dog dishes of water everywhere for any dog to drink. We felt out of place because we didn’t have some little hairless yippy dog with us. Lisa Marie would not fit in. Too big and too hairy.

This guy was too cute to pass up a pic. Plus he was smiling. He’s a large dog by Floridian standards..

Saturday we started off with a trip to the beach. This was Micki’s sole reason for Florida. All she wanted was the sun. It was funny because we went over and grabbed a couple of lounge chairs and almost sat down on them when a “cabana boy” came up and promptly told us they are $7 a day EACH to use! We told him he could keep them and layed out on our towels. We stayed for an hour or so, then headed to our parking garage to drive to Ft. Lauderdale to the Swap Shop. It is the most incredible place. Hundreds of acres of shopping. An indoor Circus. Outdoor Carnival. 13 screen drive in theatres. And deals to beat the band. We got our gifts for friends, found Samba, my favorite fragrance from our honeymoon, and a couple of cute dresses for Mick. Decided to hit the beach in Ft. Lauderdale. Saw a wedding on the beach. By the time we got parking and headed one block, the heavens opened up. We ran back. Major downpour. No beach. Then drove home on A1A. Fun drive. Got dinner at an Italian Resteraunt by our hotel. Great stuff. Authentic Italian. Everyone that worked there was Italian and spoke it. Romantic night.

Sunday we slept in. It was gonna be beach day. Went to the beach. I pulled out the stops and rented the loungers. Soaked up the sun. Played in the ocean. It was really fun. So relaxing. Slept a bit. Got drinks right there on the beach from the vendors. Then once Micki noticed I was turning Lobster Red, we decided to head out. Back to the hotel to change, shower, and prepare for the big night. Drove back to Ft. Lauderdale and took a dinner cruise on the Jungle Queen!

Just before our voyage! We had some old ladies take our pic to preserve the memory!

The Jungle Queen is a ferry boat that takes about an hour and goes through the canals and channels of Ft. Lauderdale’s high end Millionaire’s Row of houses. They are extravagent and expensive. And it was fun to experience. As the tour winds up, we docked at a private island for a bbq dinner. After dinner was a live variety show. There was a comedy guy (not too funny), a ventrilaquist (very funny), and a magician/comic. Fun show. We bought a couple of more presents and saw some exotic animals before we went back. The sun was setting. It was beautiful. Cool breeze. Perfect. Quiet ride home, and drive back.

Here’s a web gallery of our trip. Not too many pics cause it was just the two of us, but enough to get a feel for what a great time we had.

Monday we packed up and did some last minute gift shopping, went to an antique show, and a quick trip to the beach. We ate at Jerry’s Famous deli the night before on Ocean Drive and 14th. Cool place. GREAT food. 24 hrs. Fun. Had breakfast Monday at a French resteraunt on the ocean. Awesome. Then headed back to the airport to return the car and fly home. This time, we traveled without a hitch. Sad but excited to come home. I love it here. And missed Grace.

Let me be clear on this. We’ve been married ten years, and this was one of the best times I’ve shared with Micki. It was not magical. Not busy. Not rushed. No agendas. No expectations. We just relaxed, took each moment as it came, and reveled in the fact that we were alone, together, and had ZERO tasks. What a breath of fresh air. What an incredible way to spend together. How awesome a season to share. We’ve been through quite a lot in the past 10 years. Enough probably for several lifetimes. But through commitment to eachother, faithfulness to eachother, and Jesus as our core, the Glue that holds it all, we have made it to this landmark. We’ve encountered some pretty incredible people that have walked with us though some times where we’ve needed it. People like some of you reading this. Thanks.

What a glorious journey. To share with friends. And to celebrate with my blushing bride. My treasure.






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