Flavor Fruity Friends

Saturday was the rite of passage to the fall. The annual trip to Flavor Fruit Farms. It’s a family farm where you go for a hay ride, see the farm animals, pick up a pumpkin, and eat some dougnuts and cider. A fun family day. We went with Strodtbecks, all of them. James and Jenna brought their kiddies with them from GR and we all hung out for a crazy afternoon.

The weather was horrific. Windy. Tents were blowing down. But we had fun. We all went on a hay ride and the lady that was in charge of the horses, Sue, asked Grace if she wanted to come up and ride with her. Grace was happy to oblige. She and Sue became great friends and chatted the whole time during our 10 minute ride for $3 a pop.

We roasted hot dogs over a windy fire, and did some quick shopping. It was fun. The kids loved looking at the farm animals. And we found a pumpkin. Grace picked it out.

We had a great time hanging out with all the Strods. It was cool to be able to catch up with James and Jenna, see their new baby, and chill with the Spring Arbor Strods. Good friends. Good time. I’ve posted a Web gallery for more into the fun.

It’s election night too, so don’t forget to vote! We’ll be spending the night glued to the TV to see how things unfold. More posts are probably coming soon!






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