My Treasure

I’m working on the basement stairs. The same project for about 5 weeks now. Just to put in a light and clean up my bad drywall job from our move in. Sanding. Mudding.

I’m tired tonight. Not too different from most nights. But something is stirring in me. So, I thought I’d maybe try to elaborate for you….and maybe for me.

It’s a peace really. No storms that I can think of in life other than the normal toss and turn. But I was reminded tonight of the words of Jesus when he said, “Where your treasure is, there your heart is also.” It kindof hit me as the smell of apple crisp is wafting through our house. As Micki pulled me to the bed and with a smile said, “Let’s not work tonight. Let’s soak in the hot tub, and just go to sleep.” We hadn’t slept well this weekend. Maybe it was when Grace jumped on top of both of us and started playing. And Lisa Marie jumped up to add in her two cents.

I don’t know. Micki and Grace are working on a special project for Mrs. Valentine, Grace’s teacher. Then a special card for my mom who is coming to visit this weekend. It’s quiet here tonight. A quiet peace. I know it. I’ve experienced the other side enough to know what this really is. It’s a place I am enjoying right now. Basking in the moment. Listening to giggles, laughter, and knowing that I am a truly blessed man. This home’s contents are…well…my Treasure. Not treasure little t. But big T. The older I get the more I get it. I don’t always live it. Some is leftover from a life once lived not for the right treaure. Residual. But this is where I want to be. Where I want to go. And where I hope never to deviate.

My wife.

My daughter.

My family.

My treasure.

Well, better head back to sanding and mudding. My body may be there, but my heart is warmed. With the joy of living life with my two very special ladies.






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