Shrek 2 Family Snuggle Night

We’ve been working our tails off for the last two weeks for our open house. We’re planning on moving back to Spring Arbor if we can sell our house. The push to have the house done along with our normal pace of life was pressing hard. The open house was yesterday. Didn’t yield a buyer, but it was a beneficial process to walk though, and meant that we had gone over the hump and are now in full-fledged selling mode.

Well, after the open house was over, I decided we needed to celebrate. I bought Shrek 2, and we decided to have family snuggle night. Grace and I went down stairs and blew up the aerobed. We got all the blankets and put them all over the bed. Got pillows and moved some furniture while Micki was making cookies. We popped some popcorn, Mick brought down the cookies, and we had a snack-sational time. Shrek 2, all of us snuggling in the bed, and many good treats to eat. It was a really fun time.

Right now Mick is going Grace’s hair and we’re getting ready for church. It’s our turn to be helpers in children’s church. Not looking forward to that. But we’re listening to the new Toby Mac on the iPod in the Living Room. Got it hooked up in the house. So, we’re getting in the zone for a good Sunday. Anticipating lunch with Durochers, then Grace and I drive to Sandusky to meet Mom and Dad halfway to pick up Mom for a few days visit. Mick’s going to Wal Mart for grocieries. Hope things go well there. But all those things aside, the dust has settled on this event. And it was fun to celebrate together.






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  1. Julie Avatar

    Hey, were we supposed to do lunch today? How come I didn’t know? We had people over, but we had plenty extra – you would’ve been welcome, you know. Have a good week!

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