Doesn’t Get Much Better

I’m blessed. And I was thinking about the fact that it seems like my blog is pretty positive. Not much darkness. And it got me to critically think, “Is this a real blog?” “Am I just putting a ‘Magazine-style’ to my blog?” And then after processing it a bit, I came to the conclusion: No. I’m not. This blog may seem like a mag, but it really is a window into our world. I don’t put every detail in my summaries, but they are real summaries. Truth is: I’m blessed. Living in the blessing. I had one of those, “Ah ha” moments today. One of those, “All is right and good in the world today.” The bills are paid. We had a great family night last night. The house is cleaned. Food in the fridge. Grace is happy. Mick is happy. And you know what? So am I. Hard to believe. But true.

Is life easy now? No. Are there challenges? More than you know. But the interesting thing is that no matter what, I’m filtering life through the lens of blessing. It’s a perspective thing. Simplest way is to ask which glass are you looking at? Half full or empty? For me, it’s overflowing. It’s what I choose to see. Not putting my head in the ground. But looking at life and sucking the marrow out of it. Head on. No regrets. With passion. And compassion. And when I make mistakes, get up and keep pushing through.

Well, I think I could wax eloquent much more, but you have been spared. My wife is beckoning me to the hot tub. Yeah, like I said. Blessed.






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