Friday Night Lights

This Friday night was awesome. It had been a typical week in the Archer home. Busy. But after saying no to a couple of things and bowing out of a couple of volunteer opportunities, I had a little spring in my step. Not feeling so overwhelmed. After interviewing Ty Willingham at Notre Dame in the morning, we headed back home to work in the afternoon. And I was looking forward to hanging out with G and M. We had decided to go to Western’s Ladies Basketball games district tournament. They had one their first district game in 11 years, and were in the tourney. Three of Micki’s cell group girls start and we wanted to go support them.

I got home and Micki and Grace were ready for action. I changed, and we jetted out to Marshall, a 40 minute drive. Stopped for dinner half way at Burger King, a resteraunt that I had already had breakfast and lunch at earlier. So, I completed the trifecta. We went to BK because they had Spongebob watches. One of which I am wearing this very moment. Anyway, we all got watches. Grace and I got BK Spongebob crowns. I wore mine the whole time. Grace thought I was funny. It was a first. We got to the game and had to decide if we were going to wear our crowns in. Grace decided it was probably better not to.

The game was tight in the first half, but Marshall pulled away in the second. Western lost. It was hard for Micki’s girls because it was their last game being seniors. The bottom line was that we all had a blast. Grace fell asleep on the way home, but we wanted to take a pic of our special adventure. So, after we woke her up, we snapped off this gem showing off our watches and crowns.

It was an incredible night. Just a fun family night where we shared the gift of eachother. And we all had a good time.






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