Good Medicine

Tired tonight. Long day. Long week. It’s only Tuesday. Weary. Grace and Micki are battling colds. I’m a bit moody. Thinking about Thanksgiving break and hoping it goes well. Mom and dad are coming. Going over to Durochers. Hanging out together. I tend to obsess about stuff sometimes and desire for all things to work well. I should probably pray about it and give it to the Lord…

Had a good weekend ranging from the family basketball night on Friday to helping Durochers paint the dining room in their house, to a double date with Duane and Donelda in Battle Creek. Don Pablos and Borders. I bought a journal to begin some rants on paper as well as beginning again to sketch. I also bought the Autobiorgraphy of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Just finished tucking in Grace. Muscles are tight. Long day. Which brings me to the title of this little rant. What’s good medicine? Good friends…and tequila shots…lots of tequila shots. But aside from tequila, friends are the best medicine. Good friends are good for the soul. Great to hang with Durochers and help paint. Just to hang with Julie for a few hours and make fun of the fact that Sam is utterly useless with jobs like these. It was really fun. Even last night John Strodtbeck came over. Brought a fresh apple pie he made from scratch. Still warm. We grabbed some of that up with some vanilla ice cream and coffee. As we waited for the MNF gang to arrive, we just exchanged stories and updated eachother on how we were doing. Me, Mick, and John. Then Butter showed up and we just hung in the kitchen. Lots of laughter.

It seems to me that sometimes when life is clipping away, it’s good to have friends that you can share it with along the way. I guess I’m finding out that without them, life can get pretty hard. Lonely. And one-dimensional. Thankful for that.

So, as I wait for Micki to get home from hanging with her cell group dropping off Thanksgiving meals to needy families, I’m going to not work. Gonna head to the couch, start my new book, and wait ’til Mick gets home. Then we’re gonna hit the hot tub. Then around 9, we’ll wait for John and Lissa to come around back and hop in for a dip to share some laughs and our hearts. We’ll finish the night with another slice of pie and ice cream. Probably no tequila.

Yeah, life is crazy. It can be draining at times. But it’s good to have some good friends. It’s really good medicine.






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  1. Julie Avatar

    A new journal…Yeah for you! Starting to draw again…awesome. I highly recommend the whole sketchbook/journal thing…but you know that already.
    See ya on Thursday!

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