Mimi’s Trip

Two weeks ago, my mom came for a quick trip. Micki had signed the two of them up for a Christmas decorating class, and she was coming to spend that special time with Mick. Micki was excited to share that with her and looked forward to it. We met halfway in Ohio and picked her up. It was a really good time. Mom had brought a couple of treasures with her that she had been saving. And she brought something I know that Grace did not understand how significant it was. Mom’s first quilt. She had worked on it for years. I remember growing up and seeing it as a work in progress. I don’t know exactly when she finished it, but she did. And it hung as a hanging on the walls of their homes through the years. So, I was shocked and warmed when Mom brought it out of a bag for us and Grace. It really was a labor of love for her to make and a true family heirloom. Our family has been through some really rocky times the past few years, and this was something really cool to pass on.






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