Skils to Pay the Bills

I’ve been busy for a bit, but looking through some pics and need to post some special events that have been happening. While we were away in MIAMI, Grace stayed with Uncle Duane and Aunt Nel. Well, when we arrived to pick up Grace from their house, Grace informed me that she had a special surprise for us. We opened the bag, and saw this:

Donelda had taught Grace how to use the sewing machine, and together they made Micki and I a quilt. Is that freaking cool or what? We were floored. Donelda said that Grace really has a knack for sewing and enjoyed it. So, a sewing machine may be in our future. It was just so cool to know she was in good hands, with family, and for her to enjoy herself so much that she made this special project. But, then again, was that really a surprise staying at the Clevengers?






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