Grace’s Opus

Grace has begun her second year of piano lessons. Last year she had a college student who did a great job of getting the ball rolling. However, this summer, our friend, piano teacher extraordinaire, and school music teacher offered to teach Grace piano. Joan Fitzpatrick. Most kids call her “Mrs. Fitz”. I don’t know what the deal was, but last year Grace had struggles with desiring to play like most kids. But this year Joan has really found Grace’s sweet spot. Grace has been practicing and really learning how and why music works. It’s been really cool. Two weeks ago, Joan asked Grace if she wanted to play piano in church on Sunday. Grace was so excited. So, before church, she and Joan played together. I don’t mind telling you that it was pretty exciting. Exciting to see music being unlocked in her world. Excited for her to continue to learn how to be an artist, both on paper, but with an instrument. Learning how to be expressive through many different mediums. She’s always been creative. It was cool to see this area be stretched and celebrated.






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